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IMPORTANT When posting to the feature request section, keep each post to a single feature. This allows us to both have a single discussion and track the progress if we are currently working on or have recently completed a project.

If a feature you'd like to request already exists in our community, we ask that you either chime into or "like" the existing topic.

Please note that we don't discuss future plans.

Feature request status labels:

Under Consideration If a post has this status, it means that we are currently reviewing whether or not we will be moving forward with the feature request. From here, it will either move to Planned or Not Planned.

Planned: If a post is marked as Planned, it means that it is a feature we plan to implement at some point in the future. Whether or not we include a timeline, it indicates this is something we plan to build into eero.

Not planned: If you see Not Planned, unfortunately, that means this isn't something we plan to build right now. However, don't let it stop you or anyone from telling us it is something you want. We are always reviewing past and new feature requests.

Started: This is where it gets exciting! This means we have started working on this feature and hope to have something more to share with our customers in the near future.

Implemented: The feature has been added! This means we have shipped the new feature and it will be available to our customers.

To get started, visit the topic page and tap Request a feature. You will need to include a topic and the content of the post.

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  • I don't think anyone has said it, but thanks for adding this (both the post and the statuses). I'm looking forward to seeing how quickly things move from one status to another, specifically from In Review to [Not] Planned. 

    One question: as you clearly state that you don't talk about future plans, how do you balance that against acknowledging and providing status of the community-requested features?

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  • jalvani No problem 🙂

    As for your question, it's a good one 😉  While we don't typically comment on future plans, sometimes we do share what is coming down the road -- like we did with the announcement of upcoming app features. The feature request section will be important for us to continue to gauge ongoing interest in any features/improvements the eero community is looking for, and we hope to continue to keep that thread informed and engaged through both status and post updates.

    Hope that helps!

    *Also, just an FYI -- I'll be closing the thread here as we don't typically have comment threads available for these How-to sections. That was my bad 😶

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  • eero local area is searching for, and we desire to keep on keeping that string educated and drew in through both status and post updates and i would like to recommend you Timelapse Companies

    Expectation that makes a difference!

  • Hi - as a FYI - i have five Amazon echoes around the house and lately I’ve noticed that they are getting more and more ‘senile’. 
    I give them requests  and sometimes they listen but other times they acknowledge the request and just ignore it. I initially thought this was only happening on the older ones but it is on all of them. 
    Well, I decided to see if some of the options I have on the eero might be causing the issue and it looks like the option “Optimize for Conferencing and Gaming” may have been causing the problem. When I turned it off, all the echoes became very attentive. Had anyone else seen anything similar. 

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  • I've set up an Eero network for my apartment building using my personal network primarily for security cameras but I've also added a guest network for casual users in common areas.   I don't mind sharing my home connection but don't want guest users using up all my bandwidth.  So it would be great to be able to limit a) the max amount of bandwidth of any connection to guest, b) the total amount of bandwidth used by all guest connections. 

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  • I would like to see facial recognition be available for Eero app sign in. Mahalo for your attention to this.

  • Can you please add, "Don't allow new connections". Reason is that my kids easily spoof their IPs and bypass any restrictions to connect. 

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  • As a user I’d like to have an Eero feature that monitors and records internet service in a format that allows me to report intermittent outages to my ISP.  I care less about speed fluctuations but that might be part of a feature called “sentinel” to track 24/7 service availability, even when there’s no active users on the network except IoT devices. At minimum, I’m looking for eero to record of time, frequency, and duration of each instance of internet service disruption. 

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      • Cbland
      • Cbland.1
      • 5 mths ago
      • Reported - view

      Explore360 I support this request!  Maybe track most recent 28 days and report number of outages that occurred each day.

  • Would be great to be able to throttle individual streams much like Meraki does. 

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  • Hey all, one feature I would like to see is like a spectrum analyzer and also the ability to capture traffic from specific users or IP address.

  • A simple find and quickly see all together “button”  those devices that are paused within all the profiles or on network. Same for a quick “list of all blocked” devices.  Almost a default profile group that shows all paused devices or all blocked devices. 

  • It would be awesome to add a daily time usage limit for kids. This would allow us to give them 2 hours per day instead of just relying on schedule

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  • A way to force a connected device to connect to a specific AP, I have a 1 router and one extender and I want a single device to connect to the router and not the extender .. it always connects to the extender 

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  • Hi Eero team, I wish you could enable the eero alexa skill in Australia. this is not available yet here. main reason i choose to buy this mesh wifi as i thought i can add it as a skill to my alexa yet its not avilable in my country

  • New  features 

      • Ruglet
      • Ruglet
      • 1 yr ago
      • Reported - view


      Can I get a SIM card modem for Eero? I get 5G cell for a cheap SIM card that is faster than Spectrum or Cox for $200 a month. I am done with the ripoff. 

    • Ruglet Yes, you can use 4g/5g modems with ethernet ports and use them.

  • Would love a feature that notified me if a device uses over a certain threshold in a 24 hours period. Comcast limits me to 1,229GB/month or I have to pay extra. With the whole family home all the time, it’s surprising how quickly that data can be chewed up. I just hopped on the eero app and saw a Roku that went rogue and has used 75GB in the last 24 hours. It’s supposed to shut off after 4 but obviously didn’t. 

    Although this was a Roku issue, I’d love to have my eero system notify me of rogue devices so I can address them if needed.

  • Better device detection would be good. Connected devices update regularly and appear as a different name due to manufacturer changes however the MAC never changes as it is hard coded to the hardware. Would be useful if eero could detect this via the MAC so devices dont constantly appear as unknown or new devices. Naming and organising takes time and this is a bit annoying. Also some network troubleshooting tools built in would be handy but not essential.

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  • I would love if eero had VPN server and/or VPN client to make vpn connection to let’s say NordVPN. 

  • I just upgraded to the Eero Pro 6. My old Eero system is perfectly fine however. I was wondering if Eero has partnered with any non-profit organizations to set up a way for customers to donate their old systems to organizations or people with technology needs. It could also open up the door to provide a way for people to donate other technology they have that works and is just sitting in a closet or storage. It wouldn't hurt the Eero brand either.

  • I would like to see the option to have a third network (SSID) for IoT. Putting all my IoT devices in the guess network is inconvenient because I can’t interact with my smart plug for example. I would like this network to be a separate network and having the possibility to enable/disable the option to allow the main or the guest network to communicate with the IoT network with mDNS reflector. All connection that are established from the IoT network to the main/guest network would be dropped, so this way your devices are protected from the IoT network. Yes I could buy a firewall and some access points from another brand and do it, but as a network engineer I want to keep my home network simple since I deal with network everyday and I don’t want to start to troubleshoot my network and this could save me money be relying on Eero only. Finally, yes there is the HomeKit integration but an IoT device could still establish a connection to my computer since the network is the same. 

    By the way good job of having integrated 802.11k to Eero. 

    Thank you!

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  • I like my eero 6 mesh system. But I want to use a vpn provider of my choice. I know there is the new secure plan which is helpful, but many people already have a vpn service or license. I have already paid for a service and would like to configure it onto my eero system for network wide use.

  • Device Prioritization/block devices from specific Eeros

  • Hi there needs to be an option to remove devices when you want instead of letting them fall off that are unconnected.

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    • Lilmama 

      i believe u can block a device on the network. would that achieve the same goal?

      • Lilmama
      • Lilmama
      • 8 mths ago
      • Reported - view

      rogerss2010 I’m looking for a option to be added to completely remove inactive or old devices. Blocking them still keeps them on.

  • I think it is incredible that I get a notification when a new device joins the network, but if we could take this a step further and have the Option to enable Default Block/Pause any device that joins the wifi network (not necessarily the wired network) which would allow the admin to authorize or deny access. 


    This would be useful because it is easy for anyone to remember or see the wifi pass phrase once added to the network which would allow them to add other devices at their leisure. This would also prevent the admin from needing to change the wifi password for every device connected to the network should they happen into this circumstance. 


    You might think, then only give suspect persons access to the guest network, well there might be reasons they need access to the main network or maybe it’s other household members, or acquaintances of, that are adding unauthorized devices. 


    Please consider. 

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  • As an eero user, I’d like to be able to block You Tube whilst allowing Kids You Tube in App Blocking. 

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