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  • Have you tried to add it to the whitelist that is available?

  • Pertaining to a Secure & Secure+ features... I'd like to see content filtering based on device intelligence, in addition to the age of the human that will use it. Some people do not have children connecting to their home network, but would still like to block traffic on a rogue smart plug or bulb. As there are different levels of intelligence (Ex: computer vs echo vs plug), it would be nice to have the ability to create a filter category based on the level of intelligence.

  • Pertaining to Secure & Secure+ features... I'd like to have the ability to see blocked traffic, or just traffic in general. Along with this, I'd like the ability to make exceptions of false positives. As it stands, the current blocked threat graph does the user little good. I see that we can create custom block and permit lists, but the default threat blocking that occurs with a Secure subscription gives me zero insight. 

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  • I think the content filtering is great. However, I find it to be very lacking in certain areas. I was intrigued to keep my eero secure subscription but it just didn't make sense given these deficiencies. Currently, it only allows me to create a profile for devices that have previously been connected to my network. However, that is useless for robust content filtering.  I should have the option to filter the entire network as a whole. Anything coming from the router to any device should be filtered if I opt for that setting... Without that, I cannot have peace of mind that my children aren't viewing inappropriate content on devices that I'm not aware of.

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    • Menachem711 Agreed

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  • Another feature that I think should be standard, is the ability to override and select which specific eero device you want to connect to at a given time. For example, when I am in my dining room, it automatically switches to the dining room eero which cuts my speed in a half. However, if I were to remain connected to the original router in my bedroom, which is what occurs before it automatically changes to the dining room eero, I get faster speeds even though I have slightly less bars in terms of reception. The only reason why I have an eero device in the dining room is so I can connect another eero device in the basement so I can have internet downstairs, but by doing that, I effectively slowed my internet in the dining room compared to the speeds that I had before I even purchased the eero system.  Very frustrating.

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  • The Client Steering beta offering is a great add, but it doesn’t seem to have a consistent approach to analyze and redirect more static connections (not phones or tablets that “roam”).  Is there a thought to do a “force” rebalance via the app, as I notice the EERO nodes often have very unbalanced connections in my home. (I have an 8,000 sq ft residence on 4 levels with 10 nodes, and some connections seem very odd because of a suboptimal distance, etc.)

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  • Have White/Black list ability is great but a feature of Disney’s Circle device/software is to see the history of where devices in a profile are hitting and then to add them easily to a white/black list.

    • jmatero Right, but we’re talking about features most routers have that the Eero is clearly lacking. Also, a circle is just one more thing/system/app you have to find and manage devices you already have setup/labeled in the eero app. 

  • Hi there! I wanted to share some valuable information about the Eero 6 systems.  I absolutely LOVE everything about what Eero has done for my home.  But I just experienced as a homeowner my very first issue with the Eero Pro 6 that the staff may want to look into.  I recently purchased a stand alone home generator through Generac.  There is a time during the process of setup where you will have to link up your generator through the developer's app in order to connect the generator to Wi-fi.  Myself along with the installers and customer service, also with Eero customer service as well as no solution was found other than the generator's Wifi module did NOT like anything about the Eero mesh systems and that was the reason it never showed.  My only working solution at this point (thank goodness I worked I.T. for awhile) was to purchase a separate cheap router for specifically the generator of its own.  Of course after setup, the generator immediately showed up on the list to be connected.  I hope the techs can look into this as I wish I could've just added the generator to the Eeros so the process would've been so much quicker and cheaper...

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  • Eero secure and secure+ are worthless if they do not include content filtering on the guest network. Quite frankly this should be a priority. I am really frustrated with how this is not currently supported and not even an asterisk on any of the sales or support sites.

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  • Add in a "placement check" to have the eeros in the network do a test to see the strength between each and their connections. I've been moving eeros throughout my home periodically and would love to know which ones are too far or not receiving the greatest communication strength between one another.

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      • klbass68
      • klbass68
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      Flamand2468 I like this suggestion.

      Or they could tell us what the recommended dBm is between nodes.

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  • Add a feature that allows parents to see any websites trying to be accessed that were blocked by the Eero network/content filter. If my child gets to a "violent" site, it would be informative to know what they were trying to find or if it was just a mistake. Don't track every site but only the ones blocked by the content filters.

  • I would love to see some sort of secure login to the eero iOS app. I have to login to many apps with critical or sensitive information so why not take into consideration that someone might get ahold of an unlocked phone and tamper with internet settings through the eero app. 

  • Where are the new beta features?  Been a customer for a year, and not seeing anything new…

  • I would like to see EERO keep statistics on how often the Internet service to the house is dropped.  We live in a fairly rural area with frequent loss of Internet - AT&T denies that it happens, so it would be handy to have that statistic reported on request.  It would be nice if it kept themlast 28 days of service and the number of outages that occurred each of those days.

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  • New Beacon 6?

    I love my old gen2.0 beacons, easy to plug directly in the wall, night light, no silly cables everywhere…

    I upgraded my pro router to 6, but kept my old beacons because of that.
    Not a big fan of the boxey eero 6 extenders that need a table or a pricey plastics wall mount from eBay.

    Bring some new ones back!!! With wifi6 upgraded insides… pretty please!

    …and with uk plugs ideally!

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  • Don’t know if this is possible but I wish there was a way to extend the range of the system. I wish there was a way to run a test in the app, where we could diagnose what settings we could adjust to make our internet faster or stronger. 

  • Hello, I'm new, I just bought the eero 6+ pack and I love it. But these days I realized that there is no possibility that choosing a device such as a TV connects to an eero that is winged, on the contrary it connects to another that is in the corridor, and to solve that I have to restart and detect the one that is nearby. But sometimes that varies. I would like you to be able to choose which to connect to a device that will not move like a TV.

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    • erickcrispy — That would be a natural add to the reservations page — just add the eero you want to service the device (and it should tell you if that eero is not optimal as a warning).

  • Profiles should be allowed to specify band used (limit to 2.4/5/etc) and daily usage limits as well as safety profiles/blocking. Some of my devices will not connect to 5Ghz if 2.4Ghz is available (even though they should) and some get confused if both are available. I believe we used to have a Labs feature called band steering that was close to this. Thanks. (eero 6+/3units).

  • Hello. First, must point out that I am really happy with eero and have multiple networks using multiple eero devices. I am running the app on iOS on both an iPhone and iPad. 

    Here is a suggestion
    When I get a notification marker in the app and then open the app there is no prompt as to what the notification was for. Was it a new device? Update? I can’t tell. 
    Also, being that I have two networks on my app, I don’t know which network the notification is for. Ideally, if I get a notification marker and then open the app, it should switch to the correct network and then telL me what the notification is for. 

    Thanks for listening!


  • I’d like to see a push notification for if an Eero  goes offline. For example. I have an Eero in my garage on an outlet that is a GFCI that is also powering my freezer. If I got a notification when that Eero went offline I would have been alerted and could have saved all the items in my freezer.  Seems very useful.  Thanks

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