Please add a DNS server

I have a few websites that I use a public DNS entry to access my websites from outside my WAN.  However I can't access them inside my eero LAN because it doesn't allow NAT loopback.  I was told to create an internal DNS server and add that to my eero network settings.  It works, but sporadically.  As soon as anyone VPN's into my OpenVPN server that somehow makes the eero stop sending requests to the DNS server.


Please add a DNS server and automatically add device names so that you can use them in the network, and also allow the ability to create DNS entries for fully qualified domain names.

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    • buschtech
    • 6 yrs ago
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    YES!!!  Please add a port forwarding loopback feature!!!

    • Konolua
    • 6 yrs ago
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    This is horrible that I can not have this. Linksys routers had this feature as an option to toggle in 2004. I have 32 ports that I have to have access to and while I can (extremely painfully) type in the private IP for, there is no way that my wife and daughter can do this. I am appalled that a $500 router solution does not have this. 


    My harness is because I just set up eero yesterday and short of tons of WiFi drops, this has now occured. Very disappointed.

    • jwilson.1
    • 6 yrs ago
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    Yes, please add the NAT loopback feature. We can currently run a VPN, but cannot access anything on our own network without the loopback support.

    • thehillden
    • 6 yrs ago
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    I to need the NAT loopback feature. I have a Synology NAS that has mobile apps that are tied to a public domain but routed to my home. The mobile apps no longer work inside my home on the WIFI.

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