Eero Creating Additional Wifi Network

Hello, I've been running a 3 eero setup for a while now.  Ever since the big 2.0 update, it seems my routers have created a 3rd, additional, wifi network that I cannot log into.  I figured out it was eero by turning off all 3 routers and seeing it disappear, only to reappear when they are turned back on.  I am running with a guest network.  The third network is called '115f' and I haven't found any information about this.



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  • Hi everyone,

    If you are seeing this extra SSID, it is just part of the mesh. You can find more information at this post on reddit, where one of our firmware engineers shed some light on it:

    It's the mesh, it's named with a set of four hex digits (different for every network), and it's not really unsecured, your computer just doesn't support the crypto it uses. (You can't connect to it anyway, since your computer doesn't support TrueMesh and only your eero nodes know what the encryption key is in any case.)

    It used to be hidden, but we stopped hiding it when we rolled out TrueMesh.

    Relax. It isn't anything to be worried about.

    If you have any questions, please also feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com.

  • Tia, do you have any HP or Epson printers with WiFi Direct?  I think that may be where that extra network is coming from. 

  • I do have an HP printer on the network, but WiFi direct is turned off.  I just shut the printer off and am still seeing the extra network.

  • It's got to be the Eero. Like the mesh or something. I noticed an extra one at home also last week. At the office we setup a mesh today and along with it came one of these similarly named networks.

  • Thanks for the explanation, Jeff. My iPhones and iPads (iOS 10.2) aren't seeing the extra network. Nor do any of my Macs with MacIS X 10.12.2. That was making it hard for me to find it on my end and research it further. 

  • Thanks Jeff.  Is the plan going forward to always display the mesh back-end network?

  • MuddSkipp3r I wouldn't be able to say, but I'm happy to pass along the feedback to our team. I'll be sure to update if we make any changes in this behavior.

  • That'd be great!  Personally, I think something that works behind the scenes should be kept behind the scenes.  Thanks again.

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