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Hi - is there a way to "favorite" some devices, so they appear at the top of the device list in the mobile app? This would be very helpful to more readily see the gadgets we'd like to inspect a bit more regularly. Is this a possibility?

(When I say "favorite" I basically mean just for sorting and viewing purposes, not a device prioritization type feature that would bring higher QoS to some over others; while that would be great too, this request is just aesthetic.)

Also, is there a way to differentiate guest network gadgets from main gadgets? At the moment they appear to be intermingled (sorted alphabetically regardless of the network that the device is using). Maybe put the guests last?

Coming from the Velop platform, this experience is better by leaps and bounds! Yet for how bad their device list performs, they do split out the guest devices as a second list below the main network list (once small nice thing).

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  • Hi  stevebaker

    Welcome to the eero community and thanks for your feedback!

    There currently isn't a way to favorite certain devices. However, one work around you could use is creating a profile for your favorite devices. Through the Family Profiles interface, you could quickly check in on that profile and view the details for the devices added there.

    To add a device to a profile:

    1. Open the eero app and tap the menu button on the top left
    2. Tap on Family Profiles
    3. Tap into the profile you would like to update
    4. Tap Devices assigned to this profile
    5. Tap on the “+” on the top right corner
    6. Select one or more devices by tapping on the name of the devices
    7. Lastly, tap Save on the top right corner

    For more, please see this article.

    There currently isn't a way to separate the guest device list, however, I am happy to share this feedback with our team.

    Thanks again!

      • stevebaker
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      • stevebaker
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Jeff C. Cool, thanks! I'll look into the Family Profile capabilities -- I haven't played with that yet and don't have any profiles setup.

      Also, thanks for passing along the suggestion about separating the guest wifi devices from the main devices. I did find that feature to be quite useful with the old Velop ecosystem (one of the few things that worked will with that mobile app!).

  • Hi again -- thanks, the profile feature is pretty neat, yet it doesn't show a quick view of device status (several taps to see info, one item at a time). For sure, it's a useful way to group items (I created profiles for different rooms, etc) but it's a few steps short of "favorites" to see what's going on with a subset of devices.

    So, if there's a way to show the status of all items in a profile or group, that'd be great (similar to how SmartThings shows the items assigned to a room, etc). Again, thanks for the idea with family profiles -- I learned more about the platform and look forward to future updates!

      • Jeff C.
      • eero Community Manager
      • Jeff_C
      • 3 yrs ago
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      stevebaker  All great feedback 😀  Hopefully this makes it easier to navigate to some of your devices for the time being, and we'll continue to evaluate future options for device management within the app.

      Thanks again!

      • stevebaker
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      • stevebaker
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Jeff C. Terrific, thanks again! 😀

  • When you "pause" the internet on a Profile, does that mean that if I have 30 devices on that profile that the remaining devices will have a better bandwidth?  Or does it mean that the 30 devices are still taking up the bandwidth but it's just paused?

    • jrayyan03 Great question! Generally speaking, when a device is idle, it's not using any of your ISP's available bandwidth, even though it's actively connected to the network. Any passive functions that happen on those devices – for example, email retrieval – will still happen, but such small data usage generally won't impact your other devices' ability to browse in any noticeable way.

      However, if you do decide to place any devices on "pause," then that will stop all traffic to and from those devices, even background things like email retrieval. In that case, you're correct in that the device will stop using ISP bandwidth altogether. So, to go back to your example, if you had 31 devices, and you paused 30 of them, that remaining 1 device would be the only thing on the network able to reach out to the internet, and it would be able to use all the available bandwidth, if it was performing an action that required that much. 

      Hope this help cleared things up for you! Please don't hesitate to let us know if you've got any other questions. Hope you have a great day!

      Drew S., eero Community Support

  • Just a suggestion, but one way I go about sorting my list of devices is to give each of them a name.  It works well to see all of the devices for my kids grouped together (Joe Amazon Echo, Joe iPhone, etc.), and it could very well allow you to name devices you wanted at the top of the list as well, simply by giving them a high alphabetical sort (AAA-Device1, AAA-Device2, etc.), or by room (Living-Device1, Living-Device2).  You can also group them into the Family Profiles for easy shut on/off or scheduling, as it makes it easy to recognize them to add to the profile.

    Enjoy, I love my 6 eero home setup, and seems these additions keep making it better!

    Thx. Todd

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