Reboot scheduler for eero system

However the device or system functions normally, it is a recommended practice by the device manufacturers and software vendors, advise their users to power cycle it in order to clean up its current memory, bring back the efficiency of the functions running in, clogged connections or other such performance affecting factors being run in those devices.  I came across this feature in other routers and firewalls as well.  This feature is currently not provided by eero system.  So eero should consider providing this reboot scheduler for its system in order to bring back its devices to top performance notch by this reboot.

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    I agree. I don’t believe Nick Weaver the CEO of Eero even looks at these. I would recommend emailing him nick@eero.com. I had to do this when I found a bug and until I got him involved, tech support just ignored me and kept sending stupid FAQ documents that had nothing to do with the bug (they didn’t understand IPv6 DHCP settings) Eventually I got tech supports attention and a real nice agent worked with the developers and issued a new firmware update and fixed the issue.

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      Thanks, nice to know. When tech support had me going around in circles over my photo frame that would not remain connected to Eero for more than a few hours (but did and now continues to be connected to my old consumer router without issue), I asked support if they have anyone looking at this forum to learn what is causing people issues. You already know the answer I got.

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