Allow AirPlay / Apple TV / Chromecast control on Guest Networks.


I have a guest room with a TV and Apple TV in it. They are both on the guest network.

With my previous wifi setup (Apple Airport Extreme), the devices on the guest wifi were able to control the TV/Apple TV / Airplay to it. 

When I switched to Eero, I lost that feature. Is it possible to bring it back? I would like my guests to be able to Airplay to the guest Apple TV. 

(Moving the guests to the main network would defeat the purpose: I want to leave the networks separate so that they are not able to control my main Apple TV)


Could we please add this as a feature? 

Same thing would go for Chromecast / Roku / Smart TVs / Vizio / Airplay2 ...

Thank you

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    The guest network for Eero continues to be an under-developed, Beta-like capability that is lacking in any features (aside from device isolation), controls, setting, etc. that would improve the overall product.  From what I can tell, no feature updates to guest network have been added in the past 3+ years.  Very disappointing.

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