eero in an office with existing router

I have a customer that utilizes eero equipment in his home. He would like to utilize this in his offices. My first question: can eero equipment be used in an office environment? They have an existing network with vpn setup and I would prefer to not reconfigure this, so can I use eero beacons with the existing router? how many beacons can be used this way?

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  • Yes, eero can be used in an office environment, but it would also depend on the physical size of the office and how many devices would be connecting to the network. I don't know for sure, but I would have my doubts that eero would work well with a network with a hundred or more devices on it.

    You have to have at least one eero Pro on the network in order to add Beacons. You could get one eero Pro and hardwire it to the network (you'll set it up to run in Bridge Mode), and then from there expand it by adding Beacons. You'd easily be able to add quite a few Beacons, but I'd talk to support if you need more than 8-10. Best performance would be achieved by using eero Pro units (instead of Beacons) and hardwiring them in around the office (typically, office environments will have network ports in various rooms around the building).

    • cMoo92 What are the building size limitations?

    • jbcbussoft I guess technically it's less of a building size limitation and probably more of the number of eero units you can have on the network (but those two limitations are correlated). I've seen people talk about using eero in 5,00-6,000 sq/ft homes, so I'm fairly certain if the office is less than that, you'd be fine. I'm not actually sure if eero has a hard limit on the number of eero units that can be in a network, or if they have some more specific recommendations/best practices on that topic. I think your best bet would be to reach out to support or post on http://reddit.com/r/eero (one of eeros top engineers and the CEO is active on that community). 

    • cMoo92 currently the office is utilizing no more than 3 access points with some weak signal areas. This sounds like it would work. I will post on reddit for more info. Thank you for your answers.

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