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My devices often do not connect to the closet EERO. I would like to be able to force the connection (as an option) to the desired EERO.

Separately the underlying problem is that devices sometimes connect the wrong EERO (sometimes connecting to further EERO with worse connection). I would request the engineers to work out the algorithms so that the EERO look for the best connection more often and update the connection more frequently.

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  • Clients determine what AP they connect to, not the AP.

  • I have an eero Beacon sitting 18 inches away from two laptops, with just a two-inch thick desk separating the Beacon from the laptops.  However, both laptops connect to a Beacon that's located two thick cement walls, glass closed doors, and about 25 feet away.  I have no idea why this happens, but it seems to me (I'm not a techie, so consider the source) that the Beacon 18" away should automatically and always connect to the laptops. 

    Furthermore, this Beacon is closer to the Gateway than is the other Beacon that the computers are connected to.  Now, I don't know if the Beacons know that it's better to connect the computers to the far-away Beacon rather than the one a foot away, but it doesn't seem to make sense to me.

    And if it is the clients that determine which AP they connect to, then I'd be curious to hear an explanation why they would choose a far-away one through cement walls rather than the one just a foot away through a thin desk top.  Not jumping ugly with anyone, just curious to understand more about how these operate.

  • Fine, then I request a feature that allows me to force access to the eero I choose. If my device is not selecting the proper eero which i don't quite believe then give me an option to allow me to force a connection. Is that a possibility? 

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