Dear Eero, here are the next features that should be considered for the next version of Eero pro line.

1. wifi 6E

2. A 2.5GBPS WAN port.

3. More Ethernet ports.

4. VLAN support Two separate IOT devices from critical devices like computers smart phones and NAS.

5. Cleaner UI the green is awful

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  • I have to agree. On points 1, 4, and partially 5. As to points 2 and 3, most ISP CPE equipment rarely supports anything above 1Gbps for its WAN uplink, and additional PHY is typically unnecessary to the typical consumer (a simple switch will suffice depending on the deployment). As for point 1, I would love to see a 6Ghz (1200Mhz) band available. As to point 3, some form of VLAN implementation would be welcome, especially as IoT devices become more and more prevalent (for Apple users the HomeKit Secure Router function may be something to look into as a very capable alternative - I’ve used it since eero began supporting it). Finally, the app UI can definitely be improved, but what I would really like to see is some form of cloud-based UI that could manage your eero implementation via a desktop/laptop.

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  • This has been a feature request for over four years!  My VOIP provider has asked me to create a VLAN so they can set the 8x8 GTMs, 8.28.X.X and 192.84.XX.XX as the Primary and Secondary DNS servers in the VLANs DHCP Scope. 

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