New Eero Pro 6e setup - "Wired" devices downstream of switch capped at 50Mbps

Here is my configuration and what is working at different speeds


Spectrum Cable 1Gbps --> Arris SB8200 Cable Modem --> [Left Port] Eero Pro 6e.  Any wireless devices connected in this setup RESULT:  400-500Mbps = Good

Spectrum Cable 1Gbps --> Arris SB8200 Cable Modem --> [Left Port] Eero Pro 6e --> [Right Port] --> Laptop     RESULT: 958Mbps = Good

Spectrum Cable 1Gbps --> Arris SB8200 Cable Modem --> [Left Port] Eero Pro 6e --> [Right Port] --> Araknis AN-110 Compact 16 Port Switch -->  Laptop (on any port)   RESULT: 50Mbps = BAD.   /// In this setup the ONLY wired device connected to the switch is a single laptop

Why am I getting capped at only 50Mbps in the last configuration described above and only on wired?


* Eero Pro 6e has the latest firmware

* I have tried multiple CAT6 cables of varying lengths.  All cables used were tested with a Klein tester and test Good.

* Eero Pro 6e is correctly showing "Gateway" mode, where as any of the other Eero Pro 6e hubs do not show that.  I do have 2 more of those in the customer's home, but even when they are fully disconnected my 'wired' speed is 50Mbps


Please help.

Chip Linthicum (HiTechUpgrades)

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    Here is the conclusion to the debug of my issue.

    First off my reporting of only getting 50Mbps was misleading because I was using a USB ethernet adapter which was limiting my full bandwidth.  Once I used a USB-C based 1Gb adapter I was able to confirm getting 998 Mbs when my laptop was attached directly to the output of the Eero Pro 6E gateway, but then only seeing 1/2 of that 450-560 Mbs when connected to the 16 port network switch downstream of the Eero Pro 6E gateway.

    After hours with Eero and SnapAV Araknis tech support ... Eero communicated that their solution "is best used with a fully unmanaged network (wired) switch".  In my situation I was using an Araknis Unmanaged + [Note the PLUS sign there] switch which has some smart features which Eero believes was causing the wired network to lose 1/2 the bandwidth.  Please note again that my issues were only seen on the WIRED side, the wireless side was always fine.  I also tested this with a TP Link Easy Smart managed switch Model number TL-SG116E.  The TP Link switch was also showing the same performance degradation issue as the Araknis switch.  There is nothing fundamentally wrong with either switch in OTHER configurations, but based on my experience here - these CANNOT be mated in combination with an Eero Pro 6 E router/gateway.


    I have changed this network configuration now and am using a simple Netgear GS108 8 port switch connected behind the Eero Pro 6 E gateway and am getting fully bandwidth 980+ Mbps now in my client's setup.

    Final reminder notes: I have clearly stated in my messages here that this is with an EERO PRO 6 E.  I have done many installations with the EERO PRO 6 and used this same Araknis 16 port switch and have not seen the same issues.  So if you have a different Eero model or setup your experience may vary.

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