Separate DNS settings for non-HomeKit Devices

TL;DR - Don't use the eero gateway as the primary DNS server for non-HomeKit devices.

Currently when HomeKit is enabled eero sets itself as the first DNS server for all DHCP clients, presumably as part of the security features provided by HomeKit (which is great!), but non HomeKit devices also get eero set as the primary DNS server which is not-so-great and would make the HomeKit integration much more useful if non-HomeKit devices used the normal DNS settings.

The main problem I'm running into is that all DNS requests are routed through the eero DNS which can cause several problems:
- Local DNS servers can no longer correctly log what client is requesting what domain, which makes it impossible to do anything advanced with our own DNS servers (routing to different IPs based on the client, etc)
- Local ad-blockers like PiHole or AdGuard home are severely hindered when it comes to content filters for certain clients (because there's basically only one client, the eero gateway). I know eero secure is an option to alleviate this, but eero customers should not (in my opinion) be prevented from using their own privacy/security solutions while using the HomeKit integration.
- No visibility into how the eero DNS works. For example I host a domain (example.com for this example) and local DNS on my network. The public DNS servers resolve example.com to my home IP address, while my local DNS server will resolve it directly to the local nginx/webhost ip address. For some reason though eero will ignore the A record from my local DNS server and instead use the public DNS record of my home network public IP. I have no way of know why this happened (did I set something up incorrectly, some other error?)


An additional note: There is no indication that the DNS server for clients will be set to the eero gateway when turning on the HomeKit integration an is not obvious that this would be the case (whereas the local DNS caching this makes sense).



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