Speed drop after eero 6 install

First of all, I want to say how drop-dead easy it was to replace the Apple AirPort Extreme that I've had running in this house for a couple of years with my brand new eero 6 3-pack. In under 15 minutes, I had all three units up and running and delivering clean, strong signal to all areas of my house. BUT... I'm underwhelmed by the speeds. Prior to decommissioning the AirPort, I performed a fresh speed test on my Apple TV 4K using the Ookla SpeedTest app with the device connected, as usual, to the 5G access point provided by the AirPort. And as usual, I got the same max downstream speed as delivered by my broadband provider, 350Gbit. That's been my speed all along with the AirPort. With the eero system all set up, new speed tests are yielding only 250Gbit down. Even though that's just fine for a lot of things, I'm not too pleased about any drop in speeds. I would have though that a new Wifi solution designed to deliver up to 500Gbit would happy give me my 350Gbit back. But it's not. I have been exceedingly careful about placement. The bedroom unit is just on the other side of the room from the Apple TV, so as to keep it away from all the other electronics present at the wall where the TV is. Please tell me I'm missing something. Is there a setting or configuration change that I need to make to get my max speeds back?

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  • Following up on this, I have conducted new speed tests. When my phone is sitting right next to and is connected to the gateway unit, I get the full 350Gbit down. When my phone is sitting next to and is connected either of the two extender units, all I get is 250Gbit down. What do I have to do to get 350 throughout the house? Anyone?

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