Issues since 6.0

I have been having issues since 6.0 was rolled out. What I am seeing is a DNS issue. I am not able to resolve any DNS names from any DNS servers. This is both the Eero itself or google or cloud flare etc. I can ping to these DNS servers and browse web sites by IP address. I am using Eero Secure+ and Advanced Security and have content filters for some of the kids devices. When this happens no devices can resolve DNS. Any existing connection (cached DNS) continues to work, but I am not able to go to any new sites.

This was happening several times each day once 6.0 was installed, until 6.0.3 rolled out then I went with no issues for 48 hours. The issue came back a few hours after I turned on the “Amazon Connected Home” service, but this may be not be related. After installing 6.0.3 I also turned off Local DNS Caching and Ad Blocking and that got me to 48 hours. I believe this is not my ISP because I was able to reboot the network, not from WiFi but from LTE on my cell, (another data point that told me the network was up) and when the network came back online it worked normally again. That last reboot was 24 hours ago. What is not clear is if this generic issue or related to other services that are active. I have had Eero for some time and they have been flawless until this latest release

Any thoughts anyone has here would be greatly appreciated. 

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  • An update today 12/1 - Seems everything worked for a week and today the same issue comes up. Link is up but DNS does not work. Rebooted the eeros from the app on LTE. New surprise the nework came back online but the app shows all eeros are down. Kids in school so keeping my fingers crossed things say working even tho the app says things are offline.

    Any one from eero out there that can help?


    Thanks in advance

  • This was almost exactly one week to the hour, I think, when the issue came back.

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