Why are my Eeros slowing my download speed & why can nobody in support help me fix it?

My internet speed took a dump so I called my internet provider to the house.  He determined  nothing is wrong with my internet service but it's the eeros that were causing the slow download speed.  To prove it ,we speed tested all of my my devices: iPhone12, MacBook Pro & iMacPro with the Spectrum Router numerous times, and they all came back at 400+ mbps.  I swapped out the Spectrum Router with the Eero Gateway Pro and the additional Eero Pro and the download speed on all my devices went down to a snails pace at 25-40 mbps. I have been on the phone with Eero support for over 2 hours over the last few days, I've done all of the things: the soft resets, the reboots, the emptying of cache, the swapping of my eeros, buying a new eithernet cable, etc.. Has anybody been able to figure this out???

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  • Hello EastSanLucas ,

    I would like to take a look at the ticket and your network to see what I can find to test. If you don't mind, please follow the instructions that I will be sending you in a direct message so I can locate your ticket.

  • I am having the same issue with my Eero Pro 6 gateway. Did you get this resolved  somehow? EastSanLucas

    • Brian Kazmierczak I am also having the issues, do you get any replies or help? 

  • Thanks for haring i was facing some issues and if this will help than thanks in advance. LiteBlue

  • I like to know the something support told me it was my  wireless ac not on 5mhz but it was Not. Wish there was channel in the router we can change.

  • If your speeds to your client devices do not reflect the speeds coming into your eero network, you may want to try the following: Toggle your client device's WiFi off and back on. Move closer to an eero unit. Run a network health check in the eero app (Menu > Help > Troubleshooting.

    • Korando I tried everything, I just sent it back its garbage. 

  • An Eero's slow speeds may be due to where your Eero is placed in your home; to diagnose this, run speed tests from Speedtest.net at each Eero location to see how the speeds compare. Alternatively, try restarting your modem to refresh the connection between the modem and the Eero.



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