I can't tell if my eero Pro's Wi-Fi performance is broken or not

Curious if anyone can tell if I'm experiencing an actual problem here or not! Here's my setup and scenario:

  • I have Xfinity 1200Mbps service (supposedly 1200 meg down + 40 meg up)
  • I have a Motorola MB8600 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem
  • I have an eero Pro (not the eero 6 Pro) connected to the modem
  • I have an eero Beacon on the mesh
  • I have an eero "cupcake" on the mesh
  • I have a Raspberry Pi serving as a pi-hole ad blocker (the IP of the RasPi is set as my primary DNS resolver in the eero configuration)

Current wired + Wi-Fi speed results:

  • When I run the (wired) speed test within the eero app, it reports that I'm getting ~946Mbps down and ~42Mbps up - very quick, and definitely consistent with what Comcast says I should expect with my Xfinity service
  • When I use speed testing tools (Google, Speedtest.net, etc.) via WiFi on my MacBook Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max or my gaming PC, all of which are 15-25 feet from the eero Pro (no walls in-between) they show varying results between 100Mbps and 250Mbps down, and always 35-40Mbps up

Those Wi-Fi down speeds just seem weirdly slow, right? I know that Wi-Fi speed will never equal or match wired performance, but to barely scrape 10% of the average wired performance on these devices just seems really weird to me. Anyone have any tips or suggestions for tweaks I should try?

A couple more quick notes:

  • I get the same general results with or without the pi-hole being set as my DNS server
  • I don't currently have Band Steering enabled in the eero app, but I'm not sure that would matter since the devices I'm testing with (the Mac, the iPhone and the gaming PC) all show that they're connected at 5Ghz
  • All the client devices are fully up-to-date with the latest software / OS patches, as are the various eero devices on the mesh

TL;DR: eero Pro mesh gets full-blast speed when wired, but barely 10% of that performance for wireless devices. What gives?

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  • Hello Huxley ,

    You should absolutely be getting faster speeds over WiFi. On one of the computers that is connected via WiFi try downloading a large file and see what the speeds are after about a minute. WiFi 6 has some wind up time and most online speed tests can have problems with this. You won't see this windup time when you're wired directly through the eeros and into the modem though. So the wired test is accurate and you should be pulling the same if not close to the same speeds.

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