Current up and down load rates available per Eero device

I live in the middle of nowhere (which is great) on a hillside where the buildings have such thick walls that to get WiFi around out bungalow I have 7 Eeros. 

They all seem to have different upload and download speeds over WiFi (and ethernet) depending on the position. I have a niece and guests complaining about the speed they have from their location. 

I would like to be able see the available upload and download speed per Eero device in the App so I can confirm their issues/identify new issues as well as identify areas easily that may need adjustment. 

For reference - at the moment I have to go and run a speed test in each room which is time-consuming. Speeds on last test ranged from 300 - 30Mbs. 

being able to see what each station is doing individually (as well as against the max of the pipe in) would be useful and if I could set alerts on speed drops below a certain level it would make my home life  little easier!

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