Bandwidth usage by device during a period of time

Comcast is saying that my bandwidth utilization has quadrupled over the last few months.  I don't know why that would be.  Having a way to view bandwidth utilization by device during a user entered period of time would be a useful feature to 1) help identify which device(s) is using an unusually amount of bandwidth and 2) verify that Comcast (or other ISP) claims are valid.

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  • This is my number one request, for the same reason of dealing with Comcast. 

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  • Just to be clear we only care about bandwidth that is in or out to the Internet, not traffic that is LAN to LAN.

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    • russw Yes, same sort of information as the app currently provides, but over time.

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  • Having to police data with my children is exhausting.  In addition, I now have the added responsibility to police data usage.  While that is not Eero's problem, I find it really difficult to influence my children's behavior if I do not know which devices are eating up all of my Internet bandwidth over a period of time.  I want to be able to stream 4k content and have access to all the latest games but Comcast has really put a damper on having a connected household with a 1024GB cap before penalizing us financially.  Of course, now that schools are closed for over 6 weeks due to COVID-19, I'm very concerned that my data will overfill for stupid things like game downloads, game updates and streaming.  With my frustrations for Comcast aside, I can adjust all of these settings and have done so with the best of my knowledge but it is difficult to know which devices are the culprit.  In the past 24hours we have used over 100GB even after I have tried to prevent automatic downloads from our various systems and software programs.

    Please help us. 

    It would be very helpful for me to have at least a comment that acknowledges this as a priority to Eero.  If it is a priority, where does it stand in line with all other current priorities.

  • I have a customer that has these eero devices. They have seen their comcast usage go through the roof.

    I have stuck a pfSense box between them and their modem and put them in bridge mode. I see a LOT of traffic coming from two of the erro's and talking to AWS IP space. Like gigs. Why would the erro's themselves be using that much traffic?

    • Brian They run speed testes every other day.

      • JeffBusse
      • JeffBusse
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      Brian I think I will do the same I'm concerned whar Amazon acquisition of eero will mean for data back to there servers. I love eero but this could make mw switch my mesh. 

  • Just another eero customer here expressing his opinion...the way I see it is the choice is yours whether you believe eero is telling the truth about what data they harvest. Frankly, if you choose not to believe what they're telling us, you probably should consider disconnecting from the Internet altogether as no entity or device connected to the WWW is ultimately trustworthy by your logic.  

  • OK, these guys REALLY want to talk to amazon.

    Over the weekend the eerro's have changed their DHCP leases and grabbed new IP's  My fault for not having the DHCP reservations setup right on the pfSense.


    Over the weekend the customer used 48.7 Gb of data.

    21.9 of it is streaming video to a Roku.

    6.1 Gb eero

    2.1 Gb eero

    1.7 Gb eero


    Why is almost half the usage coming from the eero's?


    I'm going to start a new thread just for this issue.

  • Brian, if you get some resolution to the issue you mentioned, please update this post.  My original request to have bandwidth usage over a period of time was based on the assumption that some device on my network was hacked (and therefore eating up bandwidth) or that Comcast wasn't correctly reporting usage.  I hadn't thought about bandwidth that eero is using for its own communication.  Based on your comments, a report of bandwidth usage, over time, by device, should include eero's data.

  • Bruce,


    I ended up starting a new thread on this.



    It turns out that putting the eero into bridge mode does not disable the guest network. The guest network does NAT/DHCP on each AP.


    I made the mistake of thinking that bridge mode disabled routing and DHCP.


    My next step will be trying to talk the customer through disabling their guest network. I really wish there was some sort of web interface or even ssh access to manage these from remote, but I see there are already plenty of other threads on that subject.

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