Eero 6 router bridge mode question

I have a question for the community. I have an Eero 6 system set up. I need for range reasons to add a satellite, and ideally I need that satellite to have ethernet out to plug into a POE switch. So a regular extender would not work. Pulling wire from the area of the modem and router is not practical but a satellite would be well within my mesh range.

So... Can I use another Eero 6 router in bridge mode as a mesh extender and use the available ethernet plug for a POE switch?


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  • Hello capjack1234,

    eero does not support PoE from the eero on any of our models. The eero 6 line has not been approved for PoE support. But, the 2nd get eeros have a way to connect up to PoE through PoE adapters that are only available through our custom installers. Please review the article below for documentation to this end.



    I apologize. I forgot to answer your question. As the eero is not able to provide power through it's ethernet it is not able to be used as a PoE switch.

    • James Thanks for the reply, but that’s not the answer to the question I asked. My intent was perhaps unclear. The intended question is, if I set up an Eero 6 router in bridge mode, is the Ethernet RJ45 connector available on the network? The extenders do not have RJ45s, but the routers do. Plan is to run cable out of bridge mode router into a POE switch that actually does provide POE and thence to a POE device. It’s a long run to pull cable from modem/router to where I need the POE. The mesh network reaches no problem.



    • capjack1234 

      Ahhhh I see what you wanted now. Yes. This will work. However, I am a little confused why you would want to have the eero in bridge mode. You'll want to have that extra eero 6 connected to your current eero network, all eeros can be added to any eero network and the only eero that will be the Gateway is the eero that is directly connected to the modem so there is no reason to have that eero in bridge mode. 

      Let me know if that helps or if you have more questions.

    • James Thanks! That is very helpful. I didn't fully understand what an Eero router would and would not do. I was concerned about DHCP collisions if there were two devices working as routers on the same network. But if the remote Eero automatically turns that function off, then great!

      Thanks again!

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