Size of prefix needed for eero ipv6

Does eero need more than a /64 prefix? What is the minimum size for ipv6? My ISP gives out single /64 prefixes rather than a block of /60 that can be delegated downstream.

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  • Hello perxam411 ,

    eero does not have any prefix size requirements. We only require that the ISP uses dual stack.

  • My eero pro 6 is asking for a prefix to be delegated to it but I can't tell what size it is requesting. The ISP hands it a /64 but that does not work and the eero isn't getting a IPv6 address. The Google Nest wifi connected to the same ISP modem works just fine with IPv6. 

    • Hello perxam411 ,

      I'll be sending you a direct message shortly. We're going to need to take a look at your network to identify what is cause this as every customer I've worked with so far just toggles that setting on and it works. Sending the message to you soon.

  • I am convinced eero ipv6 is completely broken. I have an AT&T modem that millions of other users have too. Nothing out of the ordinary. Google Nest Wifi works perfectly when plugged into the same modem port. Eero gets ipv6 addresses and hands them out but ipv6 is not routable via eero. If I plug in a Macbook directly into the same modem port, it works too.

    • Hello perxam411 ,

      I can assure you that IPv6 is working correctly on all generations of eeros that support it. I sent you another message requesting some information as I was unable to locate the email you sent in the other day. We really need to take a look at your network in order to troubleshoot this correctly.

  • Same problem. Eero support says it's ISP that is problem. ISP says it is Eero that is problem. But plugging my computer straight into modem gets me IPv6, so looks like ISP is working fine. 

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