Disable wifi per Eero device

I have a new home that is prewired with Cat-6e including WAP ceiling locations and has a patch panel (metal box) in the wall. Since I need to use an Eero for the main egress to the network *and* it sits within a metal box within the wall, I'd like to disable the wifi for that one Eero device. I suspect as more newer homes use an enclosed patch panel, this need will only grow.


My setup is: Fiber from the street to outside connection point. Fiber ONT mounted in outside connection point. Cat 6e feed from outside connection point to inside patch panel (metal box). Provider's router connects feed from Fiber to external size of Eero (Eero #1). Wifi is turned off on provider's router. I have the Eero in the patch panel that then feeds to a PoE switch that connects the 3 WAPs (Eero's 2-4) mounted throughout the house (prewired from patch panel to ceiling locations) using PoE. I'd like to turn off the wifi on the Eero that is mounted within the metal patch panel location. This way, the Eero is still functional (without wifi), but serves as the core router/ firewall for the inside network.

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  • I have a similar setup with metal enclosure / patch panel / eero in basement. Would like to disable WiFi on that eero, as it will never be the best signal, although sometimes devices connect to it resulting in poor connectivity.

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