DSCP Support for Zoom

My company recently put in place a configuration policy for all paid Zoom accounts, that enabled DSCP marking, as noted in this article:


With that enabled, my Zoom audio and video are choppy to the point that Zoom is completely unusable. If I login with a free account, everything works fine. Eero support was helpful, but thought that the problem was my internet provider (AT&T). When I bypassed the Eero units, everything worked fine. So, for some reason, Eero is effectively hampering my Zoom traffic that has DSCP marking turned on. It would be one thing if the Eero gear wasn’t able to use the DSCP marking to prioritize traffic, but my devices basically kill my ability to use my corporate Zoom account and work from home.

My feature request would be for Eero to not mess up the DSCP tagged traffic. This feels more like a bug-fix request than a feature request, to be honest.

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