how to obtain max speed with eero pro. I have 1 gig download speed but only getting 150 wireless output with eero pro

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  • What device(s) are you getting that speed on?

    • cMoo92 on my iPhone

    • cMoo92 question . . . will eero pro work with cat 7 cables?

    • tkfitzsimmons What model of iPhone?

      And yes, Cat 7 should work fine--but there's absolutely no need for Cat 7 really outside of datacenters. Cat 6 (even Cat 5e) will work just fine.

    • cMoo92 I thought I had ordered cat 6, but when it came it was cat 7.  I didn’t what to take the time to send it back.  I did change out my modem to a DOCSIS 3.1 and now I’m getting 550 download at me eero gateway and 250 through the eero in me den.  I’m fine with that... thank you for your input.p, I appreciate it so much.

    • cMoo92 I forgot to tell you I’m using an iPhone XS and a 2017 iPad

  • 150-650 is good wireless speed.  Depending on environment (distance, walls, people, other devices), you may be getting the maximum speed.  

    • txgunlover I'm paying for 1 gig of download i would like more than 150 with my wireles

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    • tkfitzsimmons which iPhone model? and is your isp router setup for IP pass through to hand all traffic uninterrupted over to the Eero?

  • I’m using an iPhoneXS.  I own my own modem.  I don’t know how to make it pass through all traffic uninterrupted...  Can you help me do that?  My modem is a Netgear Nighthawk 32x8 DOCSIS 3.1, model CM-1200-100NAS.


  • I have found I can’t get anywhere near the max speed (1gh for me) on any wireless device. (And I do have 85 devices connected all but maybe 7 wireless). But when I plugged my Mac Pro into my Eero 6Pro satellite I got 650mbs I was surprised and realized i get terrific speed between my Eero’s that are connected to the gateway wirelessly my slower speeds are because of my devices not my Eero system. Also, Eero does something I forget what the tech guy called it where it limits bandwidth.. not sure I need that with my speed...

  • Same issue here, 1 giga in and 329/139 the best at ethernet port

  • Same issue here, 1 giga in and 329/139 the best at ethernet port

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