PPPoE for Ring Alarm Pro

PPPoE is now available for eero 6. 

However, it can't be configured for the Ring Alarm Pro's built in eero 6.  And the Ring Alarm Pro's eero 6 needs to be the gateway for backup cellular networking.  

Please add PPPoE support for the Ring Alarm Pro's eero 6.

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  • Thanks for posting! I'll pass this feedback along to our team for consideration.

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    • Evan (eero support) ,
      The marketing Eero / Ring uses for the Ring Alarm Pro is very deceptive.  The RAP product page clearly states, "...with built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router".  Eero help center article 207852843 clearly states "... eero Pro 6 and eero 6 now support PPPoE".  

      In addition to "passing the feedback along", could you also please request the help center pages 207852843 and 360060086931 be clearly updated outlining PPPoE is not supported? I would not have purchased the device if this was disclosed. That I had to learn it from reddit, the top google search result for pppoe ring, is disappointing.  Eero / Ring / Amazon can do better. 


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    • kevindurdle 

    • kevindurdle I agree with this post. I have the same issue and frustration. I need this resolve ASAP !

  • Six months have passed since PPPoE support was added to eero 6 and eero 6 Pro, but Ring Alarm Pro with integrated eero 6 still doesn't have it. Do you have plans and dates to add this support?

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  • 8 months have now passed since Eero acknowledged this critical flaw... any updates? https://community.eero.com/t/y4h57tl?r=g9hb2rf

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  • 9 months and my second ring pro. Same issue. Gateway is running via att cell service. DNS from the Eero stops. Blocking apps from opening and web sites from opening. Please now that i have found your problems. I am calling to start a class action lawsuit. My time cost more then you know. 

  • Can we get an update from Eero on this topic? When will the Ring Alarm Pro Eero 6 get the ISP options for PPPOE and VLAN Tagging? If this is not coming please let us know so we can move forward with other options. 

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