How to whitelist a website?

I use www.chartbeat.com for work, and it seems that Eero blocks this website.

How do we whitelist URLs like this?

I'm not finding anything immediately obvious.

Thank you in advance!

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  • You can’t manually whitelist anything. You can use the “report inaccuracy” link on the block page to report it to eero. 

    • cMoo92 Strange ... when I click that link, nothing happens.  Is that the intended behavior?

    • cMoo92 BTW, thank you for the quick reply :)

    • DaveRosendahl when I clicked on it, it automatically opened up my email app with a predefined email to send in.

    • cMoo92 Interesting.  By chance, do you have the address it went to?  If not, I'll see if I can check the source of the page.

    • DaveRosendahl here’s a screenshot of the email when I click the link.

    • cMoo92 Excellent.  I sent in a request.  Do you know roughly how long it takes them to process these types of requests?

    • DaveRosendahl I have no idea unfortunately. I’ve never had to report a blocked site before. In the meantime, you can turn off eero secure Advanced Security on your network and then this site won’t get blocked.

    • cMoo92 Got it, I will try that.  For now, this is the workaround I'm using: 

      1- On the laptop I use to access this site, I connect it to my iPhone's hotspot

      2- I visit the URL

      3- I reconnect the laptop to the eero network

      ... and for some reason, I'm then OK (for a while).  It must be a workaround/logic flaw in the way they monitor the network traffic?

  • Did emailing this request fix your issue and allow you to login?  We experienced the same issue with two bank websites, one of which is Well Fargo! We tested many different connections and determined it is the Eero that is blocking a user verification process on the banks website.  

  • We have added the ability to allow specific websites as of this morning. Let us know if you have questions!

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