Add Profile & Parental Controls to Guest Network

Some folks (family and friends) are more secure than others and thus I prefer to keep them off of the main network.  That said, I still want to create profiles and configure parental controls regarding scheduling, allow/block web sites & domains, block devices, etc. 

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  • YES! This. So much this.

    I just turned on guest network to give my kids access to the internet because of the limitations of the Eero system. I watch my kids go around wifi schedules and blocks all the using (I assume) VPN and pausing and blocking devices doesn’t work. 

    So I changed the main password and didn’t give it to them. It has been a huge pain as all of our devices including thermostat, doorbell, Google Home, smart plugs and bulbs have to be updated. 

    I told the kids they’ll get the guest network password when they do their chores and stop acting like savages. When they don’t, the password changes. Imagine my surprise to now discover there is now no option to add devices to profiles, schedule or filtering whatsoever. 

    Way to go, Eero. You need to up your game because this is ridiculous. NOT HAPPY. 

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