LAN Persistence in Bridge mode during Internet outage

I just spoke with EERO support. The call went to their third level support, where I was informed that LAN Persistence is only supported in Routed mode, not Bridged mode.  Therefore, if you lose Internet connectivity and you use EERO Bridge mode (as most IT professionals will do), your WiFi network is no longer going to work (it's more complicated, but keeping it short... some traffic will get through making it the issue that much more frustrating to identify).  I have 7 EERO Pros and I have evangelized how awesome EERO is to industry peers (I am a Network Solutions Architect) but now I feel so foolish for having done so ... I've already started to clear it up with folks I have made recommendations to, and to find a wireless solution that can stand on it's own.  Apparently it's been a known issue with EERO for many years and remains unaddressed. I loved EERO until I figured this out. Hopefully I can find a suitable alternative that performs as well but without the limitations.

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