Reconfigure Eero Nodes

I will be visiting my daughter's house over Thanksgiving, where she has asked me to do surgery on her wifi system, which consists of 4 Eero nodes, each an AX210. I asked for some basic information, and this is what I got back. She apparently has two SSIDs (let's call them Eero1 and Eero2). Eero1 apparently originates on the gateway node, connected to a T-Mobile Home Gateway. The T-Mobile Gateway is apparently a combo router/gateway and right now I have no visibility to what it looks like. The primary Eero gateway has SSID Eero and is on network Eero2 originates on another node. It's on network but gets its DNS from Don't really know how many nodes have Eero1 SSID and how many have Eero2 SSID, or for that matter if maybe there is a 3rd and/or 4th SSID thrown into the mix.

What I (and my daughter) would like is one SSID - could be Eero1 if that's the one on the gateway node, and all the other nodes share that SSID and all nodes would be on the 192.168.12.x network. We'll just let the Eero network double NAT with the T-Mobile Gateway.

I am reasonably competent in network, but have never worked with Eero before. What do I need to do to make this happen? Do I just take all the nodes that are not Eero1, factory reset them (how?) and reconnect them to the mesh using the app?



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