Multiple SSID to secure IoT AND bandwidth throttling

Not sure of the technical reason to disallow multiple SSID's but having this ability will improve the security posture of the network. Isolating IoT traffic should be a number 1 priority of all admins. A Eero security appliance should not only support the best security configurations but it should make it easy to implement them.


The networks I believe are and will be useful to most everyone now and in the coming years are:

  1. Primary home users
  2. Guest users
  3. IoT devices
  4. Gaming PCs/console
  5. Streaming media devices

The ability to throttle A SSID is also important, for instance Primary home users should get 100% of bandwidth, Guest users 10%, IoT devices 3% etc.

ACL's applied to SSID and/or MAC/IP/protocol/port. An example of this is to allow someone on the Guest network access to a Sonos located on the IoT network.

The creds for the Guest network should have a configurable setting to define how often the creds rotate. For example configure the password to change every 12 hours.



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    • Phatfred
    • 3 yrs ago
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    I agree, the absence of the ability to do basic network segregation could very well be the down fall of the entire brand.  Coverage is great but as the go to person that my circle of influence ask for hardware suggestions I cannot suggest Eero due to this major flaw.  I think I may hang on to the eeros for another week or so to do more vuln testing but will be returning them before my return window is up.   That is unless some points out where this is in the road map. 

    • lm4wbnvpz
    • 1 yr ago
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    Agreed. At a bare minimum, having a dedicated IoT network would solve a lot of security, privacy, and performance concerns that I have

    • smcarter
    • 1 yr ago
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    Agree.  Moved to Eero for the coverage.  But may go back to Ubiquiti or other mesh networks.  This is a basic requirement for a modern household.  Don't have to make it a full feature networking configuration capability - set up a pre-defined IoT network - like the Guest Network - that defaults to common isolation for IoT with the ability for IoT control apps to access securely.

    • stevenpass
    • 1 yr ago
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    Just deployed Eero and shocked it doesn't offer configuration of multiple SSIDs.  Folks suggested I use Ubiquiti but I gave Eero a shot.  Basic stuff people.

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