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I just got my eero pro (hub + 1 beacon) from my cable provider.  So far it’s pretty good, but I’m having the standard issue with my iPhone X in particular but also other devices only connecting to the hub in the basement or get 2.4ghz when on the top floor.

anyway, my question is:  Do I have to place the beacon somewhere where I already get the best signal/5ghz/fast internet?  Currently, hub is in basement and beacon is on main floor where the signal is strong.  I could move the eero up to the 2nd floor — where speeds are slower and some devices only get 2.4ghz.  But I’m worried that will mean slow speeds from the beacon.  So I guess my question is:  does the beacon repeat the speed it receives? (I.e do I need it/them to always be somewhere where the speeds are great) OR as long as the beacon can communicate with the hub, is it able to get and retransmit a “full speed” connection?  — put simpler, if I put the beacon somewhere where devices only get 2.4ghz, does that mean the beacon can only share at the speed of 2.4ghz or does its connection with the hub allow it to replicate the higher speeds?


hope that makes sense and someone can help!

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  • What are your internet speeds with your provider at the cable modem/gateway?  Also how far are the eero’s from each other?  I purchased 2 additional eero’s off of amazon after receiving the pro and beacon from my internet provider and placed them about 40-50 feet from each other to get the best reception.  You might need more depending on house size and shape.

    • emaxweimy we are fortunate and have great speed at the gateway.  ~900Mbps on average.  The gateway is in the basement — which is only about 9 stairs to the main floor and the beacon is there - directly above the gateway.  On 5ghz,  a computer connected to either the gateway or beacon will get between 300-500Mbps while 2.4GHz will do about 70Mbps.


      on the 2nd floor (it’s a small / old house so only about 15-20 feet wide) my phone will always connect to the gateway - not the beacon.  I tired moving the beacon up there but from what I’ve seen, even though it shows a great connection, the speed decreases and even 5ghz only does about 120Mbps.  That’s why I was asking :  does the beacon repeat whatever speeds it receives or it is somehow able to get higher speeds than 2.4 would give directly through that 3rd frequency.

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