Disappointed in the slow speed - Xfinity router does better by itself

Just got eero Pro 6 three-pack. Set it up with my Xfinity modem - one eero wired into Xfinity modem (upstairs), one wired through a switch (downstairs), and one connected via mesh (upstairs). The house is 4,300 sq ft.

Speed to the modem is over 1,000 Mbps, and around 940 Mbps at the eero wired to the modem.

My iPhone 11 Pro and my MacBook Pro are getting lower than 100 Mbps almost all of the time with occasional outages and occasional bursts up to 300-600 Mbps (very sporadic).

I am very disappointed in this product. It came highly recommended based on older generations. This one seems like it it not ready for prime time. I’ll continue to try it until the return period is almost up - if it can’t deliver as promised then it’s going to get exchanged for Ubiquiti.

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  • Have you tried reaching out to support so they can check out things and see if they can identify what’s going on?

    My guess is that either your switch or one of the Ethernet cables is Cat5 and not Cat5e or Cat6, therefore the connection is only running at 100Mbps. Or even a bad network cable. Those things would explain your sub-100Mbps speeds.

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      cMoo92  I have the eero Pro 6 connected to the Xfinity modem using the cable that came with the eero. The eero is reporting 940 Mbps (via the app) but ANY device connected on the eero WiFi typically gets 60-100 Mbps, with occasional spikes (a few times a day) to over 600 Mbps. Right now my MacBook Pro is 8-feet from an eero Pro 6 connected via mesh. This MacBook is reporting 131.76 Mbps (with a cliff dropoff to ~100 Mbps about 75% of the way through the speed test) via Oka WiFi Speedtest app. My iPhone 11 Pro in the same area is reporting 306 Mbps (via Ookla Speedtest app) after getting anywhere from 0.00 to a maximum 94 Mbps all day (15 speed tests in the past 24 hours and this is the first time I am seeing speeds over 100 Mbps) in the past 24 hours. 

  • Hello,

    Please do reach out to our support lines so we can run some tests to identify the cause of your slow speed behavior. I have included a link below that will guide you to the best means of contact to reach out support. Also, if you would like, you can direct message me and email support@eero.com and I can walk you through the steps via email.


    Thank you,

    James Wilcox

    eero Support

      • Dseven
      • Dseven
      • 4 wk ago
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      James Wilcox I set you an email at support@eero.com - Thank you!

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  • After a frustrating couple of days I am requesting a return through support@eero.com.

    I am massively dissatisfied with the eero Pro 6 and the lack of responsiveness to support requests - in 24 hours the only email response I got was to direct me to published articles on modem compatibility.

    This was such a frustrating experience. The signal was intermittent and unreliable. At times it was solid and fast and gave me hope. At other times it was completely dead to devices only a few feet away from a wired eero Pro 6 device (i.e. 0.00 Mbps while the modem was feeding the gateway 940 Mbps). My family got so frustrated that they resorted to turning off their WiFi on their devices and relying on cellular data because it was more reliable. Unplugging all the eero devices and going back to the single Xfinity router is more reliable (sadly). 

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