How can I block youtube on kids iphone?

I just upgraded to eero plus today to block youtube specifically on my kids chromebook and iphone. At first I thought, maybe it takes a minute for eero to update and know what sites to block. However, after an hour, youtube is blocked on chromebook but not on phone (I even added m.youtube.com, youtu.be, etc.). Maybe this feature just doesn't work? If I can't get it to work, I'll be cancelling.

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  • We recommend blocking using the Streaming category as it includes YouTube and other streaming sites. This will ensure that more than just YouTube is blocked.

    If you want to block only YouTube using the block list, you can enter youtube.dnsblock.me in the block list.

    Here's a list of the domains that we'll block when you add youtube.dnsblock.me:

    youtube-ui.l.google.com (that's a lower case "L")
    youtube.l.google.com (that's a lower case "L")
    ytimg.l.google.com (that's a lower case "L")
    ytstatic.l.google.com (that's a lower case "L")

    These sites block both the website and the app.

    We are working on creating easy toggles for the top services like YouTube, but until that's ready, this will work. Hope this helps.


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  • Mark,

    Thank you for the response. I tried youtube.dnsblock.me but result is the same - chromebook is blocked, iphone is not. I noticed that m.youtube.com is not in the list above (this is the url on the phone in safari browser). I know google is very tricky (sophisticated) in threading thier data via different path to optimize bandwidth and advertising revenue, so I feel like i'm chasing a moving target. I will give it a while to see if the Eero needs time to "update" with the youtube.dnsblock.me information and see if it starts working, but I am sceptical. I have manually added m.youtube.com. I also tried blocking the entire "Streaming" category to see if this would work, based on Sieglock's suggestion and that also does not work. It does however, block EdPuzzle and TED on the chromebook, which my kids do need for school, so blocking the entire category is not acceptable. This really should not be this complicated.......

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  • I followed all the instructions provided below. My son's school issued laptop is a Surface Pro. I just sat right next to him while he navigated to YouTube and streamed some different videos. The solution previously recommended are not working. Please advise. 

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