Block websites on specific devices.

I would like to see a feature similar to the one found on Linksys routers where under parental controls, the admin can block specific websites. Say you want to block Facebook only on your kid device and not to all devices within eero. 

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    • mrpme1
    • 2 yrs ago
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    We currently use this under Disney Circle Home Plus connected to our Eero network.  We had no choice but to add the Circle (v2) to accomplish this.

    • shpeng
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Just added my vote - this is probably the top feature requirement for me. This was also in the existing feature request backlog list. The usecase that others have brought up about shutting access off to Youtube during school hours is the main one that applies to me. I can't withdraw access to computers or online access altogether as they are required in this pandemic - distance learning situation. I need more granular controls to either/both blacklist certain sites, and/or whitelist only school related sites. I don't have administrative control to install parental control software on school provided computers.

      • Biker
      • 2 yrs ago
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      While we wait for a solution from the eero team, another way to deal with this situation is using Open DNS. It does blocking globally (for all devices) but it is pretty reliable and impossible to find loopholes.

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