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I have fiber coming into my building in the garage.  From there, ethernet cables are wired into three separate apartments.  I am setting up a separate eero mesh network in each apartment, so there will be three gateways.  I am trying to find the most stable network environment... is it better to have my modem/router combo device in bridge mode, or each individual eero in bridge mode? 

Also, would it be possible to have one of the eero mesh networks placed AFTER a switch in the garage, or would this cause problems?

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  • Hello dbeach,

    The problem you are going to run into here is that the networks are going to be in a double NAT stat which can cause some problems with devices connected to the networks. Ideally, since all three apartments are going to be sharing the same internet you, you would want just one eero network. You would be the only person with access to the app and monitoring the devices on the network so the renters would not have too much of a concern where privacy is concerned. 

    Best Setup: Modem -> eero Gateway -> Unmanaged Switch -> apartment eeros (This would all be on the same network and you could assign devices to a profile you made for each apartment but identifying which eero a device is connected to and you could name those eeros the apartment number)

    Double NAT Setup: Modem -> router/eero -> Umanaged Switch -> eeros on their own networks

    Either way will work.

  • Thanks for the reply James!

    But I was under the impression that by putting either the modem or eero in bridge mode I would avoid double NAT... is this not true?  Previously had neither my modem or eeros in bridge mode, and did not have any stability problems that I know of.  I recently put my eeros in bridge mode, and now seeing stability issues with some of the eeros gateways going red on occasion.  Not sure if this is related to switching them to bridge mode, or just a random event.

    Also, regarding your Double NAT Setup, the "router/eero" that is between the modem and switch, I am not sure what the purpose of this is.  Would this be a completely different network/gateway than the eeros on their own networks in the apartments?

    Thanks for your help on this.... it's all a bit confusing to me!

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