Laptop not connecting to eero next to it?

Hello, just installed the eero mesh system, 3 pack.  We have one as the gateway, & are using 2 others over in what we call the apartment.  We have a standard 2 story colonial that had it's garage converted into a 2 story apartment.  As such, wifi degrades at that wall, probably just because of physical interference I'm guessing due the fact the wall was once an outside wall.  It's not a big addition SF wise, & I'm positive we are around 2100 sq total.  We have offices in the apartment now & got the eero to help improve wifi.  I have one eero upstairs in the apartment, & one downstairs.   Why does one laptop downstairs connect to the eero router upstairs v. the router right next to it on the desk? If I see the network favoring one router over the other does that mean the placement for the one isn't ideal & I should move it?  Will the eero switch devices around on the network as needed to keep video calls strong? We have excellent internet speeds but some speeds on upload have us concerned about video call performance this week. Oh, we only have about 18 devices connected. 6 are Amazon echos.  Thanks!

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    Hello groovy417 ,

    More than likely your eeros are just too close together. Having an extra eero in the apartmet should be okay, but have two in the apartment might be causing problems. Keep disconnecting one of the eeros and see if that helps settle things down. We generally recommend that eeros be around 35-45ft away from any other eero. We also have a placement article that is a good read to help with ideal placement of eeros around your home.


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    Thank you! I would have never guessed they could be too close together.  In fact, I assumed the more routers blanketing a space is better.  Interestingly, everything seemed to sort itself out.  I chose to plug in a desktop PC  to the Ethernet on one eero (my work PC wifi adapter isn't the greatest). I got great connection today for vid calls & was speeder than my old repeater paired with Verizon router.   The laptop stayed connected to the other eero too.  

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