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Right now the eero app has the ability to show the category of block (Streaming, Shopping, etc), but lacks the ability to drill down to details below this level. For web browsers where developer tools are available it is relatively easy to determine which one of potentially several security products in a network could be blocking traffic. Where things get messier is when applications embed browsers and you'd be forced to resort to packet captures on a machine. While feasible to work around, it would be far easier to have the blocked URLs exposed in the app.

From a parental control perspective, this gives insight for parents to have conversations with their kids about their browsing. From a technologist perspective, having this data exposed allows more seamless troubleshooting in situations where fine grained blocking inevitably backfires.

Prior to implementing eero in my home network I utilized pi.hole which exposed this type of data with great success. To me this proves that it is technically feasible, though in fairness it is a niche request.

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    • cmarinas
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    There are a few other requests for this already. Some claim that it's not possible because of privacy issues but the log doesn't need to be stored on the server, it's sufficient to have a week worth of logs on the device itself and retrieve them when needed via the app.

    It took me some time to figure out why Disney+ stopped working in the UK, the "advanced security" was blocking some of their servers as "malware" (and had to resort to intercepting the DNS requests).

    • pagerwho
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    The privacy issues make sense as an obstacle. I'm of the mind that there should be some middle ground that can be found that allows the end user to obtain troubleshooting data, but still provide protections for privacy. Perhaps offering an encryption key that must be entered before allowing the logs to be displayed? With an encryption key managed by the user outside of Eero, this could plausibly allow logs to even be stored on servers but remain inaccessible to their support team without knowledge of the key.

    • jayneeichmann
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    There is many tools that you can find easily blocked link seoprofiller , Spamzilla , and screaming frog  if you have ecommerce website so take help from developer 

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