Eero creating new networks rather than extending? (Printer not found in some parts of building)

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I've recently extended a network in a large building (replaced a few mac airport devices) with eeros, which has been working fine, but now coming to use the printer it seems I have to be on the same floor as the printer and it's eero to find it on the network and it becomes undiscoverable if I am on another floor.

I've assumed that maybe I have set things up incorrectly and the eero is creating a new network of it's own rather than extending the larger network.

Does that sound likely and if so how would I work around getting everything talking to each other?

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    You probably have a dedicated internet router which is handling DHCP, etc, so your eero network needs to be setup in "Bridge" mode. Otherwise, as you're noticing, you're creating individual isolated networks everywhere.

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