FileMaker and computers having multiple IP addresses assigned

We have multiple computers running FileMaker clients, and a single FileMaker server.

The Eero keeps listing multiple IP addresses for each computer.  Not just the current address. Sometimes more than a dozen.

It seems that the IP address is changing while the computer is in use.  Always about 45 minutes past the hour.

The FileMaker server disconnects the client with a duplicate license error. i.e. the license is already in use on and now the computer is

Shouldn't the DHCP server give the same address back to the computer again?

Do I have to give each computer a static address?  That's supposed to be the advantage of letting DHCP take care of it.

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  • If you are having problems sharing files using Instant Web Publishing, see this If multiple versions of FileMaker Pro are running, quit out of all versions A DHCP server is used to help assign IP addresses to computers on the network.

  • We are not using IWP.  We are using FMP's client protocol with FileMaker software running on the client computers.

    The FMP server has a DHCP Reservation in the Eero primary router.

    The client computers are getting multiple, different IP addresses, from the DHCP server in the Eero primary router.

    The address changes in the middle of the day.

    FileMaker Server then complains that a duplicate FMP client serial number is being used on two devices with different IPs, and breaks the connection, closing all files and losing any unsaved data.  Even thought it is the same client computer that has received a different IP address from the DHCP server in the Eero primary router.

    When I look in the Eero app, it shows multiple IP address for the client computers.  I've attached one as an example

    It appears that there is no way to see a DHCP Client table.  You have to look at each of the dozens of devices separately to see what its address is.

    And, there is no way to clear previous addresses from a client history.

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