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I have an Eero Pro 6 network with six Zigbee light switches connected, enabled and working great on my Alexa app.  I'd like for my wife to be able to be able to control them too from her Alexa app.  We have separate Amazon accounts that are linked in a "household" so we share all other things Amazon (Prime, Music and Video).  For some reason she cannot see the Zigbee devices.  When she tries to "Discover devices" the app wants her to go through the original pairing process as if pairing to the Eero network.  Any tips would be appreciated.

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    Hi Jlutz I hope you already have solved this but I'm leaving my answer just in case someone else bumps into this question like I did.


    It seems like the Eero account is only linked to a specific Amazon account when you do the Zigbee setup, which means only that Amazon account will show the Zigbee devices in their Alexa app.


    An easy way around I found to this (while not ideal) was to add my wife as an Alexa Household member (which yes, is a completely different thing from the Amazon Household). Then she had to login to my Amazon account in her Alexa app and selected her profile for the app. That allowed her to see all the devices we have and keep her separate profile for the app.


    P.S. There's another thing I thought of trying but I haven't since I solved it the way described above. There's a way to add other admins to the Eero network, so I wonder if those would have separate Eero accounts and if they would be able to link their own Amazon accounts and see the devices from those.

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