Can an eero pro (any generation) be used to extend ethernet without it's own backhaul connection?

I have had two active eero gen2 mesh systems in operation for a few years.  One at home in the city and one at a 3 acre lake property where I prewired direct burial ethernet which have been using for backhaul.   When I upgraded to Starlink I found myself running out of cables so I thought I would just add another gen 2 eero pro base unit to extend ethernet for another camera.   Much to my surprise it didn't work.  I am trying to ask this question so everyone understands it since it apparently has not been asked anywhere before.  Is there any generation of eero Pro base models that I can add wirelessly to my existing mesh system and plug an ethernet device into to extend my hardwired network?   This does work with the TP-Link mesh units and they perform excellently with just an AC power plug.

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  • You can only wirelessly extend an eero if it’s connecting to another eero. In order to do what you’re wanting, you’ll need to hardwire an eero to your Starlink router, and then you’ll be able to add a 2nd eero wirelessly.

  • That's basically what I am doing now - the Starlink router with its ethernet dongle is using the 150' Starlink cable from the antenna to an AC power pedestal.  The 1st buried ethernet runs another 150' to the gateway Eero Pro, which then feeds a 2nd 180' or so ethernet run and comes up in our shop.  I have one other option which is to use a gigabyte moca setup utilizing an unused buried coaxial cable.  It's too bad that eero was not designed to serve as a wifi ethernet switch like the TP-Link mesh units do.

  • It does work like a “Wi-Fi Ethernet switch”. You can connect as many devices to an eero as you want…you’ll just need a need a switch connected to it if you need more than 2 devices hardwired to it. I have 3 eeros in my house and only one is hardwired to my internet connection. The other ones wirelessly connect to the other eeros and each eero has at least one network/computing device that doesn’t support Wi-Fi hardwired to it. 

  • That’s good news!  What models are you using?  I had no luck with an eero pro gen 2 that was closest to an eero bacon right at the embankment edge up from  the beach.   My iPhone and iPad worked great down by the shore from that Beacon.

    • wifipi The eero Pro gen 2 will work as you are wanting, any eero with ethernet ports will.  Since it isn't working that indicates either something is going on with that eero or the wires, I would recommend calling support to check out the eero.

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      Michael_eero_support Thanks for stepping in.  I will try it again with an another unit. 

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