Bring Back Quick View bandwidth IOS

Bring back one page view of bandwidth usage by devices, including top users. This extremely useful ability was in the older iOS app but the new app requires drilling down into each device view separately. 


This is exactly what we need back.  this was posted as a reply on another topic.  

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  • agreed, it was very helpful 

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  • This feature made looking at the app "fun" to do and interesting.

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  • I have already begin working from home under the Covid-19 situation and participating in online meetings of dozens to hundreds of people. Naturally, my kids are home from school and happy to eat up all our internet bandwidth using multiple devices at once. I have one iPad left with the old app where I can scan through our dozens of devices and shut them down before I connect to a critical online meeting. I cannot do this with the new app.

    The ability to finely monitor bandwidth usage centrally and allocate it based on need has just become tenfold more valuable in the stay-at-home era. Please, please bring it back for everyone who has updated their app and lost this functionality.

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  • I COULDN'T AGREE MORE!!!  It would be helpful to see a list, in descending order, of the devices that are using the most bandwidth.  Ideally over the last 10/30/60/etc minutes, which would make the list more stable otherwise the list would constantly be resorting and hard to read.  This would also include any wired devices that are connected through the eero.

    This would make it easier for us to spot bandwidth abusers and isolate or pause them from the network.

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  • We are just asking to at least bring back what the old app had on it.  

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