Add client bridge functionality to serve wifi from an alternate source

Sometimes my ISP goes down, or I'm not paying for internet but still want access.  Comcast has a Xfinity hotspot feature that allows their customers to use a hotspot from any Xfinity cable modem.


I'd like eero to allow you to specify an SSID and password, and if the cable modem isn't connected to the internet try and use that SSID to serve internet. 

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    • Lou_G
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    This would be an awesome feature! We are changing out our 24 old Cradlepoint MBR95 routers that have WISP to both eeros and google wifi and adding in a GL-AR300 ($35) for hotspot backup now. We love the eeros but the google wifi has managers, remote reboot, and device usage stats the eeros does not have yet. If WISP was added, you would rule the world! LOL

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