ethernet port is instable

I have my mac mini connected to the extra ethernet port on my eero v2 and while i do have an internet connection and everythgin seems ok on the surface, I noticed that whenever I try to download files that are over 50MB or so, i tend to get connectivity issues.

for instance today i went to download a file using chrome that was 250MB and it stopped after about 50mb and said network error.  I was able to click resume and it continues and then failed again.

I tried disabling the ethernet port on my mac mini and connecting to the internet over wifi and i was able to download the files with no problem.

If I connect my old router back up, I don't have any issues like this.

is there something I should know about with the ethernet port on the the eero?  a setting or something that would prevent large file downloads?

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  • There’s no setting that would cause this (at least nothing that is accessible by us users). If you want to try something before reaching out to eero support, you could try doing a factory reset on the eero (hold the reset button on the back for several seconds—I believe it’s until the light on top starts blinking).

    If a factory reset doesn’t fix it, then definitely reach out to eero support.

  • thanks for the reply.  I tried the factory reset and it didnt seem to help.  I submitted a support request with eero and pointed them to this thread - hopefully they can help.

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      • JTravers
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      blairdee2000 If you haven't already tried this, replace the cable and see if that helps. 

    • JTravers thanks for the suggestion. U fortunately i have already tried a few different cables.  

  • I have had the same issue on my Eero device when I am surfing net especially open some video animation Inc type sites but later I restarted the device then I will be able to open. In the end, I was realized may be device got to hang and it needs to restart so I also suggest you to do this hopefully this will solve your problem as well.

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