I previously used Skydog routers and one of the features that they provided was sending a text message to my phone any time a new device would join the network.  I could then assign the device to a profile or blacklist it entirely.  This turned out to be awesome as I had a neighbor successfully get onto my network.  I wouldn't have known they were there, otherwise.   I'd really like to see this feature added. 

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  • Thanks for the feedback,  VoteForPedro 😀

    I'm happy to share this with our team. We don't have any plans at this time regarding different notifications, but this type of feedback/use case is always helpful! I look forward to hearing the thoughts of others regarding this matter!

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  • I really hope this gains a foothold in a future update.  Part of Eero's advertising is security.  This is an obvious feature.  Is it better for an Eero owner to have no notification of a new device detected on the network unless they manually go looking on regular basis, or to have a text msg that draws there attention that there is a new device on the network?  In a large work environment, of course that would be unmanageable.  But for home and small business users?  Absolutely we should have the option.

    Other users, would you not like the option to be notified of a new device on your network?

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  • I have it on my router and it's a great feature!

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  • Yes please! - https://community.eero.com/t/63mrvq/wifi-security-feature-requests consider all the upvotes in my requests upvotes here as well!

    I would like to highlight the importance of Deauth attack detections as well.  

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  • This is a primary selling point for Luma, and would be easy to implement. No reason not to. If nothing more, from a business perspective, getting users into your app should be a key focus. Generates customer loyalty every time they are in the app. Notifications are a logical step towards that, and is a HUGE reason why people do not want something awful like Netgear's Orbi (have you seen their 1998 app?!) or even the big router apps like Asus, etc.

    This is truly a feature that should be run back up the chain.

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  • I would like to add text and iPhone notifications when the router loses connection from the ISP. A robust notification system would be great and there are lots of possibilities.

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  • I as well would love to have this option. It is available on my Comcast router 

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  • Another vote for notifications when devices join the network. Would love this security feature. I have it with my Comcast gateway as well, but have lost it since I bridged the Comcast gateway in favor of Eero. 

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  • I want this feature too

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  • It would be cool if we got some type of push notification when the network goes offline, and/or a new device is added. But being able to turn on what is, and isn't being pushed would also be nice. :) 

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  • Yes please. I just got a 3-Eero system last week. When my internet connection goes down, I get notifications from my security cameras (which go through the Eero) and my phone service (which bypasses Eero and goes direct to the modem). It is appropriate to get network notifications from Eero itself, rather than components on the network. Prefer push notifications on my phone, but text or email would work, too. Here are some of the events I'd like to receive:

    1. Internet connection down/up
    2. Eero node down/up
    3. A new device joins the main (non-guest) network.
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  • I think Eero notifications when a brand new device hops onto the network would be a great security enhancement. A great candidate for when Eero Plus is enhanced? : - )

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  • Notifications for new devices or set monitoring for when devices leave the network would be very much appreciated.

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  • Add my vote.  I just had this idea and thought I’d Google the roadmap to see current plans.  Glad to see others are loving this idea also.

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  • This looks like a feature a ton of people want and have wanted for a year now. I’m sure there’s a ton of other people that do that haven’t voiced their opinions. Seems like a push note at a minimum would be easy to add. 

    Start simple then add on to it. Roll out incremental updates. 

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  • Great feature that I had on my previous router. Add me to the list.

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  • Another vote for this. A device popped up on my network recently (someone in the house must have given them the password) and I only noticed after a few days. This was innocuous but I'd love to know what wireless and wired (especially wired) are new so I can block that MAC address if needs be.

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  • I just got my Eero and replaced the Orbi system, which was just too unstable.  This feature was on there and I loved it.  Like many other posters below, the key is knowing when something new joins the network.  I am always worried about someone accessing my network that shouldn't.  Ideally I would like to see the first time a new device connects and a way to Allow or Deny them.

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  • Yes, this would be a great feature.  

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  • This appears to be implemented as of the latest FW and App versions.  In the Eero app (iOS) there is a Notifications choice under Network Settings now

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      shoek Yes it has been since the latest and greatest update! If you’ll notice the status at the top of the page it does say implemented. For some reason though it’s still under the consideration column. But yes, this is a new feature and I love it! Now if they could only block those pesky iOS 12 WiFi sharing feature or setup a new profile for incoming devices to manage there access

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  • Please enable an alert sound.

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    • Mohd There is one on Android.

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  • Is there any way to tell which network the "New device joined the network" alert refers to (main network vs guest network)? I think what's going on is that I get an identical notification regardless of which network the device joins, but I'm not certain, and I can't see any way to tell on the app. If the app shows 27 devices on "the network," are those all on the main network, or does it include devices connected to both?

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