Feature Request: VLAN traffic tagging support

ISPs like CenturyLink require traffic to be VLAN 201. This prevents eero from being used as a router to replace CL's terrible router. 

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  • +1. I already own 4 Eeros.  Please don't make me use their crappy actiontec router and have to put me eeros in bridge mode. Thank You! 

  • Agreed. This is a blocker to using all of the capabilities of eero. We have to use other equipment that supports VLAN tagging like Asus and similar products. I had to get rid of the lousy and unreliable Technicolor router CLink provided and it was slowly dying a slow death. Ended up getting a replacement router and found the details of configuring the new router to tag the Internet port with VLAN 201 along with IGMP snooping and some other options to make sure our Prism TV service would keep working. Since eero does not support these options, it has to remain in bridged mode and remain behind our primary router.

  • I love my eero but I'm very tempted to switch to ubiquiti for openvpn and vlan support.

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  • Voting since i'm looking to move to CenturyLink and there are other options out there.

  • Vlan support please! Please respond to the fourm.

  • This is a huge problem for me as well. I have to put my eero behind a CenturyLink-provided modem which is killing upload speeds and just a pain for me to have to manage.

  • While I don't seem to have the same problems others have (with a CenturyLink C3000A router between my FTTH and eero gateway) I would very much like one fewer hop, and one fewer device to manage and worry about.  My setup doesn't use bridge mode...  I just put the eero in the C3000A DMZ. Of course I am also not trying to run an openVPN server, although I do have a couple openVPN clients that run fine.

    But Please:  VLAN support!!!

  • +1. Many ISPs in Spain use VLAN in their FTTH internet service. I'd love to completely replace the crappy router provided by my ISP

  • quimbs I believe the last software now supports VLAN tagging on the WAN side, but still nothing on the LAN side with multiple SSIDs. FWIW, there are a ton of feature requests for this feature:


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