Request: Dynamic DNS Support

Support for a few basic DynDNS services (DynDNS, NoIp, etc) would be greatly appreciated for remote access.

Currently I'm having to run a control applet/service on my local PC to keep everything up-to-date (and it generally works); however being able to do it on the router would be ideal.

Much thanks.

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  • this is a necessity fro me also. disappointing to see that the original request was YEARS ago. 

  • This is essential for me.  I will need to reconsider my choice of eero if this isn't supported soon.

  • +1 here. Even the cheapest router I can pick up at any big box store supports dynamic DNS, but still not my Eeros. I'd like to fill out the survey, but it says it's not accepting any more responses at this time...

  • Is this really still NOT available?  I am searching "on the line" now as I thought that I heard they finally did support this.... If I'm wrong, someone please point me to the HOW as I cannot find.  I have been with eero for years now and I'm getting tired of having to have another PC constantly on to update my address.  ALL of my previous routers supported this.  I gave the router dyn.com info and never had to worry about it again... maybe its time to look for another solution  than eero?  Great system, but falls just a little short of outstanding without this basic support.  I hope I'm wrong... back to searching "on the line"..

  • Sidney the survey is no longer available.

    Also I'd like to mention that this thread is 3 years old and finally at the "under consideration". Any updates on that or the possibility of this happening?

  • What gets me is how dead simple this would be to integrate. No-IP has a super simple API documented at https://www.noip.com/integrate/request. I'll bet the eero dev team could bang this out in less than a couple days, including regression testing.

  • I'm done waiting. What should I replace my eero with?

  • No certain yet... Early reviews seem week, yet the latest reviews seem stronger for the new Orbi AX6000.


    Price is high, but performance seems high as well.  From what I understand it supports DDNS.  However, I still need to research more about these units.

  • I just wanna voice my support for this feature. It’s another feature that one comes to take for granted with today’s routers and eero should have this and better port forwarding and port range support

  • When can we expect an answer to when Eero will support Dynamic DNS. This is a 2 year topic. 

  • As you see waiting 2 years will get you nothing. No one at eero cared and no one at amazon seems to care either.

  • Here is reply #100 seeking this feature - use case here is remote desktop access.  But should be simple implementation.  In the meantime, I'll have to drop the eeros into bridge more and use an ancient Apple Time Capsule as the router...

  • I just purchased this on Prime Day.  I am amazed it doesn't do DDNS!   Sending it back - at least Amazon has a good return policy.

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