Request: Dynamic DNS Support

Support for a few basic DynDNS services (DynDNS, NoIp, etc) would be greatly appreciated for remote access.

Currently I'm having to run a control applet/service on my local PC to keep everything up-to-date (and it generally works); however being able to do it on the router would be ideal.

Much thanks.

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  • I agree, this is an absolutely necessary feature.  

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  • Hi  trilidar  and  adachan

    Thanks for your feature request and welcome to the eero community! 

    Use cases are always helpful, so we greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide one. If there are any updates to this request, I'll make updates to the thread. Thanks again!

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  • +1 this is a valuable feature. 

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  • +1 Please make this happen.

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  • +1 for this feature. All your competitors do 

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  • I currently use a FreeNAS to store my files and access them remotely.  The system has built in features for linking to dynamic DNS services, however if there is an issue with the server and the update does not occur, I have no way to troubleshoot remotely.  Moving this functionality to the Eero would allow me to troubleshoot remotely using the Eero app and the service website.


    Please add to the development timeline if possible. FYI, I use and have used duckdns in the past, would recommend starting with the free services when working on integrations.

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  • Guy to add to mine; I use it for wake on lan. 

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  • +1

    I use OpenHAB to control my home automation and the app on my phone, so getting back to my public IP address is very much needed.

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  • Yes!  Please add support for dyndns

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  • SIgning this petition!

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  • Brand new eero purchaser and user. The use case for dynamic dns for me is simple - predictable ssh and vpn access for my mac mini at home.

    I use xfinity (comcast?) as my provider; forwarding 22 and l2tp VPN ports to my mini works great! I manually update my A record for a domain with my registrar for the time being, and frankly my IP doesn't change often. It would be HUGELY convenient, however, for eero to be able to check once/day and update the A record if it changes. This is something users would greatly appreciate on top of an excellent product!

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  • Please.

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  • Yes DDNS is a must have.

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  • I use a DDNS service for remote viewing of my IP cams in my house and business. 

    Currently, NO-IP. 

    However, I am currently blinded to half those cameras because I chose to deploy eero (the other location is on an old Airport system that has had DDNS support for years). 

    Please add this feature set as it has been requested extensively in the forums. 

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  • Absolutely needed. I'm surprised it doesn't already have it. I need this yesterday in order to login remotely to my PC from work. Currently using

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  • Wake up EERO ! DDNS is a much needed feature if want to replace other routers and help us to exit "brdge" mode.

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  • Need Dynamic DNS support for top dynamic dns services (e.g., DynDNS, No-IP, etc) .  I use it for external monitoring of webcams and my kids use it for running game servers. My older router/modem combo from my cable company had this feature for years. After moving to Eero and putting old router in bridge mode the feature got disabled on my old router. This is now considered a basic/core feature of all modern routers. Please implement. The workaround is to keep some machine running 24/7 on home network with a DynDNS app running all the time. Naturally I'd prefer for this functionality to live in the Eero gateway router where it really belongs.

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  • I hate to be 'that person', but I'm beginning to think eero doesn't view something every basic router has supported for the past decade as an actually important feature.  Otherwise, this would've already been added (it's only been what, 7 mo since I made this original request and nothing).

    Seriously like the hardware, but the OS seriously needs some work and eero doesn't appear to concerned about do so (at least in what could be deemed a reasonable time period).

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    • trilidar Last sentence should've read:

      Like the hardware, but the OS seriously needs some work and eero doesn't appear to be concerned about doing so (at least in what could be deemed a reasonable time period).

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      • rlopin
      • 1 mth ago
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      trilidar   Yeah, 7 months does seem like a really long time for a feature that is pretty simple to code and requires no additional hardware. I installed an IP address updater on an old laptop in the meantime. What I have realized is an even bigger hassle is not having support for NAT loop back. When I am on my home network I have to configure viewer software on web and mobile twice for every camera. Once using my internal ip address and once using the domain name. It's double the work on every device and especially annoying on my mobile device that needs to use double the screen real estate as I switch between internal and external networks.

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  • rlopin said:
    What I have realized is an even bigger hassle is not having support for NAT loop back.

     I think we are all in the same boat on this one.  It is super annoying to check security cameras this way.  

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