802.1Q VLAN Trunking

In addition to the ability to add multiple SSIDs and assign VLANs to each, 802.1Q trunking for these vlans would be required to allow the EERO to tag traffic that is being sent out. 

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  • Eero if you want to know what it looks like, this is what we want:


    Please consider it.  I'm trying hard not to move away from Eero, but TP-Link and Ubiquiti are offering this!

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  • I use an ISP that has different VLANs for their Internet and TV Services. Not having multiple VLAN support means that I cant use my PVR. Please implement this Eero! 

  • Ahhh - I see this is repeated in https://community.eero.com/t/q5tpsm/implement-vlan. This is, IMHO, an absolute must as home automation becomes more and more commonplace. I certainly don't want all my wireless devices on the same network. Whilst it is possible to tag the Ethernet port an Eero plugs into, it is a bit of a sledgehammer approach.

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  • Eero should support should include at least four home VLANs each with independant access to the internet.   They should be 1) your primary home network,      2)  A guest network offered to visitors,  3) your IoT network for modern gadgets that need access to the internet.... Firewall rules should grant them access to the internet  only as they can be  easy targets for network exploitation and 4) a separate network for your home office providing a secure VLAN used for work from home corporate PCs and printers using their company VPN. 

    These VLANs should be 802.1q trunked on the inside wired ethernet port allowing you to connect them to a managed switch.

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  • Yes what APNetWiFI said, we have security cameras, TV's, gym equipment, door and gate security, eero guest doesn't work because users cannot connect to gym equipment (casting and audio), vlans would allow segmentation and trunked ability to allow connections

  • Why not? 

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