Feature Request: speed test between eero and client

many times when we are optimizing our  internal networks, we want to evaluate impact of changes. Would love an easy way to measure speed and Signal strength between a client and a specific eero node (or if that's too hard, eero mesh system in general). 

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  • Hi  tmchow

    Thanks for all your posts to the community 😄 I'll be following up on each soon.

    With regards to this feature request, is this different than the current feature in the app that shows the connection strength of your client device to the eero it is connected to? To view this, open the eero application, tap on "Number of devices current on the network." When tapping on a device, you'll be able to see the connection strength.

    If you are looking for actual speeds, some client devices can show you this information, but guessing this may have more to do with stationary devices like thermostats?

    Thanks again!

  • Jeff C. 

    Signal strength bars aren't specific enough. Would love to know the actual absolute value of it rather than a bar. 

    For speed test, you're right i could do this at Each client but as you've pointed out, some clients can't do this. 

    Also so I want to know speed between eero and a client, not a client and the internet. 

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  • I'd like to see speed test between the phone with the eero client and the internet as well as the eero and the internet.  This would help with identifying problem areas IN the house.  Right now as I understand it, the eero speed test is only from the core eero to the Internet

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  • Hi Neilc

    Thanks for chiming in here! That is correct. If you'd like to test the speeds of your other eeros to a client device, such as a phone, you can run a speed test with a third-party tool (like speedtest.net) to test the speeds throughout your home.

    Thanks again!

  • Jeff C. What they are referring to (also something I would like) is the internal network speed between the eero and the devices. My nearly 20 year old D-Link router did that and showed it in the wifi status page. speedtest.net is limited to your internet connection speed while my internal network speed should be much much higher.

  • Thanks for chiming in here,  wrxster

    As mentioned in our other discussion thread, happy to pass along the feedback for this type of feature to our team.

    Thanks again!

  • Has any progress been made on this front? One of my PCs is hard wired to the gateway eero via a switch. It's internet speed is less than my wirelesses devices. I'd like to be able to troubleshoot where the issue is. To do that I need to test my internal network speeds from device to gateway eero. 

  • Bump!

  • I would love this! This really helps to find the best the locations for the mesh beacons

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