Show IP address in client list

Sorry if this has been asked. I'm browsing on my iPhone and don't see a way to effectively search for existing suggestions. 


Anyway, like the title says, I think it would be useful if the app showed a client's IP address along with its usage in the client list. This is already the case for the list of clients when setting up port forwarding.

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  • Just click on the device name and the IP is at the bottom of the page

    • Ibreakthingsonpurpose thanks for the reply. I'm aware you can do that but it's not terribly convenient. I believe there's enough space to list it along with he device manufacturer. 

  • Hi folks, I'd second this request as the mobile app's list of devices does have a lot of room to spare. Until the ability to separate guest from main devices is made available, displaying the IP address would also help with that (they're on different subnets, etc.).

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  • Thanks for the feedback, everyone! 

    In terms of searching for existing suggestions, you can always navigate to this article of all feature requests: https://community.eero.com/t/y7t861/list-of-current-feature-requests

    As for displaying the IP address in the device list, is the request so you can see the IP address or find devices connected to a certain IP? I ask because if it is the latter, I'm curious if the IP needs to be displayed or if adding a search functionality would produce the same results?


  • Hi again! For me, it's not about finding devices connected to a particular IP address, but more about just knowing what's going on with the network. There's ample space on the device list, and showing the IP and/or MAC would be helpful (to keep things simple, perhaps offer this as an option or toggle switch, something like "Show additional details on device list").

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  • I'd like to add my +1 for this. 

    If I am looking for a particular device whose IP address I know, it takes forever to individually open each device in the app so I can see if it has the IP address I'm looking for. With 50+ devices it takes a lot of time. Even using a 3rd party app link Fing isn't all that helpful because most of my devices do not return a name, just the IP address and MAC address so it really doesn't help me narrow the list down any.


  • +1. 

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